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7 Ways to Raise Digitally Savvy and Safe Kids

Your kiddo easily whips through your iPhone pics or has accidentally posted selfies to your Facebook wall, so you know that your tot is waaay better at tech than you. Kids have a ton of app inspiration to help them learn how to draw, count and code, and on YouTube, there are a bunch of fun educational series (parent-approved, of course). But as a parent, you might wonder how safe it is for your toddler to play around on social media solo. We chatted with author Devorah Heitner about her latest book, Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive and Survive in Their Digital World , and to get her expert tips on raising digitally savvy (and safe!) kids. 1. Chat about choices. With all the tech out there for kids to use, parents can harbor a lot of fears about what their child is doing online. Devorah shares that the most proactive way a parent can combat those fears while maintaining their child’s independence is to talk about your kid’s gaming and social media world. “Work with them to co-cr

5 Expert Tips for Raising Body-Positive Girls Starting in Preschool

Even though body-positive books and campaigns are more widespread than ever before, many people (raising hand) still struggle with body confidence. And while trying to feel okay in your own skin is mega difficult as an adult, feeling good about your body as a kiddo can be downright impossible if you’re exposed to a negative environment (have you *seen* Miss Representation ?). But when exactly do kids start expressing awareness about body-image issues? Well according to a new study by University of Illinois experts, it may be waaay earlier than we originally thought. Body image expert Janet Liechty and her team interviewed 30 parents of preschoolers to explore how parents perceive the body image of two to four-year-old children. What they found was beyond interesting. While most parents said that they did nothing to influence their kid’s body image, the research team concluded that the majority of parents were routinely conveying unconscious messages about body image to their